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The Vatican has determined that babies who die without first being baptized may not be forced to spend the rest of their afterlives in limbo. This announcement should come as a relief to those who have lost newborns before they could get baptized, as well as to those who have suffered miscarriages. It should also comfort those who have had abortions, although they, unfortunately, still face eternal damnation in the fires of hell. Cindy Wooden of the Catholic News Service (CNS) explains that this latest change in traditional Catholic teaching can be looked at as we would any scientific hypothesis, “Like hypotheses in any branch of science, a theological hypothesis can be proven wrong or be set aside when it is clear it does not help explain Catholic faith.” The study was released today in the prestigious scientific journal Origins, a publication of the Catholic News Service. It’s release was felt to be of particular importance because, the document states, “the number of nonbaptised infants has grown considerably, and therefore the reflection on the possibility of salvation for these infants has become urgent.” Further studies will need to be conducted to verify and confirm these findings, but the Church has decided to begin teaching the new dogma immediately so as to save as many babies as possible.


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